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ESPN - Bruce Feldman:
The top 10 villains in college football

The other day I was asked in a chat session about UNC's potential, and I mentioned the Tar Heels might have the fastest linebacker corps in the country. I bring this up because after marveling at Usain Bolt's world-record performance in the 100 meters on Sunday, I checked my pal Mark Branstad's blog and noticed that he had written about the topic of the college football's fastest linebacker group, bringing up UNC, USC, FSU and a dark-horse contender, Purdue.

ESPN - Bruce Feldman:
Does track and field prepare football linemen for success?

"Recently, Mark Branstad, a former high school teacher/track coach, crunched a lot of numbers and detailed some very fascinating trends regarding elite college linemen."

Scout.com - Tim Adams:
Recruiting is Big Business “How do we Know?”

"...This one is absolutely fascinating because its keeper has turned it into a cottage industry. Mark Branstad has created a broad base study of every NFL athlete drafted since 2002, and every Indiana football player who signed a D1 letter of intent since 2002 as well as the other varsity sports in which they participated in high school."

Heisman Pundit
Throwing and Linemen

"...it’s refreshing to see a site such as Football Talent Advisors, which keeps an eye on the football-track nexus."

Scout.com - Tim Adams:
In Indiana Track is Spring Football-Champs! (member subscription required)

"Former Franklin Central track coach, and now researcher, Mark Branstad, has spent quite a bit of time looking at the football and track connection, and the boys’ Indiana State track finals just continue to make the connection that successful track athletes are highly sought after as football recruits. Barnstad’s premise is that track preparation and competition hones skills that are extremely desirable on the gridiron. He proves it by looking at players who successfully move into D1 programs and make it to the NFL. In the scope of their athleticism, one sport other than football is dominate in their success, track!"

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