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Bolt running the 40…

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Posted by Mark Branstad – Football Talent Advisors

I just watched in amazement as Usain Bolt ran 9.58 (wind-legal) 100 meter dash breaking his own world record.  Just amazing!  Now I don’t believe Bolt ever played football, and no I don’t mean soccer.  But there’s all this internet chatter about what Bolt might or might not be able to do if he played wide receiver etc.  He’s doing quite well as a professional sprinter so let us all forget about the football crossover.  

Oh yeah…my friend Heisman Pundit had a bit on his site recently about 40 times, it briefly dives into what Olympic sprinters might be able to run in the 40.  It also took aim at the ridiculous notion that T. Pryor of Ohio State ran 4.33 recently (apparently the fastest on the team) beating the times run by teammates Brandon Saine and Lamaar Thomas.   Okay maybe Saine and Thomas had a bad day or maybe my grandmother was working the stop watch but this is ridiculous.  T. Pryor DID NOT and WOULD NOT run an electronic 4.33, end of story.  When Pat White runs 4.55 electronically at the NFL Combine, no way Pryor does a 4.33.  T. Pryor is a great athlete, great basketball player, had a very good freshman football season but come on.     

Anyway I’m way off topic!  Got a little fired up.  But I’d have to say after today’s performance Usain Bolt could probably run a legit 4.0 40 yard dash with some work.  How could anyone bet against him?  I mean who would have thought a few years ago 9.58 / 100 meters was humanly possible?  Not me!