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Top High School Track Sprinters, Jumpers and Thowers in 2014 NFL Draft

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 is now  To see more blogs and football / track data like this visit TrackingFootball Blog

Listed below are the top high school sprint, jump and throw performances by players in this year’s NFL Draft.  Those performances are high school marks only and only players which were drafted are represented below.

Also see a quick breakdown of multi-sport participation by this year’s draftees.  Again high school track and field was the most popular second sport (58%) followed closely by basketball (49%).  Overall almost 90% of draftees participated in at least one other high school varsity sport and nearly 40% participated in three varsity sports including football.

Draft Breakdown HS Participation %
Track & Field 149 /256 58.5
Basketball 126 / 256 49.2
Baseball 17 / 256 6
Wrestling 8 / 256 3
Other (Sports) 8 / 256 3
Total (at least 1 sport)   222 / 256 86.7
** 256 total players drafted **
** Top High School Throwers NFL Draft 2014**
Event Distance Name College
Shot Put 63’01” Corey Linsley Ohio State
Shot Put 61’10” Jace Amaro Texas Tech
Shot Put 61’00” Chris Borland Wisconsin
Shot Put 60’01” Weston Richburg Colorado State
Shot Put 59’11” Greg Robinson Auburn
Shot Put 57’00” John Urschel Penn State
Shot Put 56’08” Spencer Long Nebraska
Discus 192’07” Trent Murphy Stanford
Discus 191’02” Corey Linsley Ohio State
Discus 177’06” Troy Niklas Notre Dame
Discus 166’04” Jace Amaro Texas Tech
Discus 157’04” Logan Thomas Virginia Tech
** All results high school performances
** Top High School Jumpers NFL Draft 2014**
Event Distance Name College
Long Jump 25’01” Donte Moncrief Mississippi
Long Jump 24’08” Marquise Lee USC
Long Jump 24’02” Lavelle Westbrooks Georgia Southern
Long Jump 23’08” Walter Aikens Liberty / Illinois
Long Jump 23’06” Devin Street Pittsburgh
High Jump 6’09” Quincy Enunwa Nebraska
High Jump 6’07” Marqueston Huff Wyoming
High Jump 6’06” Kareem Martin North Carolina
High Jump 6’05” Logan Thomas Virginia Tech
Triple Jump 48’01” Tevin Reese Baylor
Triple Jump 46’09” Lavelle Westbrooks Georgia Southern
Triple Jump 45’04” Mike Evans Texas A&M
Triple Jump 45’04” Christian Kirksey Iowa
Triple Jump 44’03” Ed Reynolds Stanford
Triple Jump 44’01” Larry Webster Bloomsburg
** All results high school performances
** Top High School Sprinters NFL Draft 2014**
Event Time (sec) Name College
100m 10.45 Sammy Watkins Clemson
100m 10.47 Justin Gilbert Oklahoma State
100m 10.49 Dri Archer Kent State
100m 10.49 Lache Seastrunk Baylor
100m 10.50 Robert Herron Wyoming
100m 10.54 Jalen Sanders Oklahoma / Fresno St.
100m 10.57 De’Anthony Thomas Oregon
100m 10.68 Martavis Bryant Clemson
100m 10.72 Darqueze Dennard Michigan State
100m 10.76 Andre Williams Boston College
100m 10.76 Brandin Cooks Oregon State
200m 20.61 De’Anthony Thomas Oregon
200m 20.99 Robert Herron Wyoming
200m 21.11 Sammy Watkins Clemson
200m 21.29 Justin Gilbert Oklahoma State
200m 21.41 Jalen Sanders Oklahoma / Fresno St.
200m 21.46 Dri Archer Kent State
200m 21.46 Martavis Bryant Clemson
200m 21.51 Keith Reaser Florida Atlantic
200m 21.59 Brandin Cooks Oregon State
200m 21.73 Bennett Jackson Notre Dame
110HH 13.75 Bennett Jackson Notre Dame
110HH 14.09 Phillip Gaines Rice
110HH 14.33 Jared Abbrederis Wisconsin
** All results high school performance