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Get Wake Forest’s Josh Harris a uniform!

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Wake Forest’s redshirt freshman Josh Harris explodes against Virginia Tech for 241 yards and two touchdowns!  A couple things jump out at me here.  First, Harris hadn’t gained more than 74 yards in a single game and that was against…Presbyterian.  He gains three times that amount on only 20 carries against Va Tech.  Two, usually Va Tech’s defense is more stingy against the run…particularly against struggling teams like Wake starting a freshman back.  Three, Harris outgained Tech’s highly talented backs Darren Evans and David Wilson, a fantastic track athlete too, combined (on fewer carries).  Four, Harris is just plain FAST! 

Harris ran track at Duncanville High School in Texas and had a few of the fastest high school 100 meter times in the state for 2009.  I read in a few spots he supposedly ran 10.09 (obviously that’s wind-aided and hand-held) which I find difficult to believe.  However he did run a documented 10.34 / 100 meters and 21.24 / 200 meters. If we assume those were hand-held that still puts him sub-10.6 and sub-21.5.  He reminds me a bit of UTEP’s back, Donald Buckram.  Buckram was also a Texas high school running back and track athlete with bests of 10.25 (hand-held) in the 100 meters.  Buckram didn’t have success until later in his career and not against a team the caliber of Virginia Tech.  It would seem Harris is pretty talented and kudos to the Wake offensive line.

UTEP beats Houston…fighting speed with speed.

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

Posted by Mark Branstad – Football Talent Advisors

Week 5 in college football has come and gone and as always a few surprises.  Maybe the least surprising is Houston getting beat ending their dream to bust the BCS.  Maybe the most surprising was Houston losing to UTEP.  But I like what UTEP did offensively against Houston.  They used speed against speed! 

Houston has an explosive offense with a ton of speed.  Houston’s defense, while having a lot of speed, isn’t the biggest or most stout against the run.  UTEP handed off to Donald Buckram 32 times…so what you ask?  Well, before the Houston game Buckram had a career high 20 carries for 107 yards against Tulane.  Did I mention that Buckram was one of the fastest high school sprinters in the country in 2006?   He used that speed to gash Houston for 262 yards and 4 touchdowns.   

Buckram ran a fully-automatic 10.25 / 100 meter dash at the Texas District 13-5A Meet in 2006.  Here’s the stats from 

 A few other recognizable football names in the above high school results too.  Notice Artrell Woods (WR – Ok State) and Robert Griffin (QB – Baylor) in there?  Unfortunately a weight lifting accident ending Woods’ career early. 

Buckram even ran some track while at UTEP running 10.80 /100 at the C-USA Outdoor Championships in 2008.  That’s not super fast but certainly his speed “transfers” to the field.  UTEP’s offensive line also deserves a lot of credit for last night’s outstanding performance and win…