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Michigan’s on the Rise and it’s all about Recruiting Speed!

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Posted by Mark Branstad – Football Talent Advisors

Michigan’s “surprising” victory over Notre Dame has many wondering if the maize and gold are back?   I wrote in a March blog the following: 

All I can say is Big Ten look out for Michigan in the coming years.  No I’m not the first or only one to say Michigan will rise soon but my reasons might be different. Michigan’s recruiting has set it apart from nearly all others, it has signed 13 “Tier 3″ athletes in the past two years and Rich Rod’s not finished yet.  No other team in the Big 10 is even close (except perhaps Ohio State)…the speed and athletic gap will continue to increase in Michigan’s favor and we’ll begin to see it this year.  Here’s the blog link…

I hope this serves notice that Rich Rod’s recruiting and implementation of his spread option will take the Big Ten by storm.  The Big Ten must begin recruiting the appropriate athletes and speed to counter or it’ll be tough to stop the Wolverines.  Clearly Michigan has found a quarterback to run their offense and that’s huge too.  But don’t discount Michigan’s speed factor like wide receiver Darryl Stonum and defensive players Donovan Warren, Troy Woolfork, Stevie Brown and Boubacar Cissoko.  Sure Notre Dame’s wideouts made big plays but they didn’t run wild like they did the week before against Nevada. 

I commented on Notre Dame’s recruiting earlier this spring and I’ll say again I don’t believe ND is recruiting enough speed (track verifiable) and pure athleticism.  I say this citing the fact of 18 recruits signed for 2009 only six participated in high school track and ONE player ran under 11.0 seconds in the 100 meter dash.  That player is Cierre Wood.  The Irish just aren’t recruiting enough speed and athleticism to beat the best teams in Division I FBS.   

When Denard Robinson becomes more involved in Michigan’s offense it’ll only get more exciting.  The Big Ten has been put on notice.