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Oregon’s football / track collaboration

Monday, September 27th, 2010

University of Oregon’s football team is scoring a heck of a lot of points so far this year and is arguably the fastest team in the country.  Oddly enough they had as many as eight football players running for Oregon’s track team this past spring.  Interesting concept!  They certainly do have a fast team, even by Pac-10 standards, as evidenced by some of the times put up by players in 60 and 100 meters.  Link:  Oregon track and football forging a ‘great relationship’. 

Kudos to Coach Kelly for allowing that many players to participate for the team…several were major contributors.  Proves that maybe spring track isn’t such a hit to football’s bottom line.  

I’ve said enough about Michigan’s Denard Robinson over the past year…he’s track fast and that fast translates to the field…was there ever a doubt?  Anyway a new young quarterback to hit the college football scene this past week was Florida’s Lawrence “Trey” Burton and I was pleased to see he was a basketball and track athlete at Venice High School.  He even ran on the track team’s 400 relay (42.31) and 800 relay (1:29xx) keep in mind he was over 6’02 / 200lbs., impressive.