Fastest Players for 2010 – By Heisman Pundit

Check out HeismanPundit’s annual list of the fastest players in college football. Personally I think HP’s list is the most legit out there because he takes verifiable and recent track data along with football production – you know the visual stuff the great feet, breakaway speed and ankle breaking moves – to arrive at the players to include.  Of course not all the guys selected have had stellar football careers up to now but it is hard to argue about their speed.   

HP is hoping to make more additions to this year’s list so hit up the site and comment but make sure you bring the verfiable data to back up your player’s inclusion.  The rumored hand-held forty times from spring practices and so forth you heard about won’t cut it. 

I’ve got a few additions…Zach Brown, linebacker from UNC.  He ran 6.72 in the 60…that’s fast regardless of the position you play. And I didn’t see LSU’s Patrick Peterson and Jai Eugene mentioned and perhaps they should.  Both guys can fly and some down at LSU say Peterson could probably beat Trindon Holliday in the forty (I’d have to see to believe) but you gotta be fast for anyone to make such a claim and Eugene ran 10.56 and 21.5 or so in high school.  

Probably not a coincidence that Zach Brown also appears as a “Just missed the cut” member of Bruce Feldman’s annual college football “Freaks” list.  Jeff Demps is the only player appearing on both the fastest list and Feldman’s Freaks list.  Guess that’s what happens when you run sub-10 seconds in the 100 meters.

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