College Football’s Fastest Players 2009 Edition

Posted by Mark Branstad – Football Talent Advisors

There’s always plenty of speed to be found in college football and this year is no exception.  Heisman Pundit has put out his annual list of the college game’s fastest players and does a great job explaining how and why using track data is important to ranking his list.  2009’s fastest collegiate players…

Notice a few guys on the Pundit list are incoming freshman…speed is certainly on the way.  There’s also a couple players I think that could be added to the list given the criteria.  Here goes:

Julio Jones – (WR Bama) 24’02 long jump and 47’05 triple jump state champ

DeVier Posey – (WR Ohio State) 47.41 / 400 meter dash state champ ; throw in 21.86 / 200 and 10.87 / 100

Lamaar Thomas – (WR Ohio State) 6.45 / 55 meter dash indoor state champ ; 10.63 / 100 state champ

Darryl Stonum – (WR Michigan) 1:26.84 / 4×200 relay

D.J. Monroe – (CB Texas) 10.41 / 100 meter dash state champ ; 40.93 / 4×100 relay state champ

Aaron Hester – (CB UCLA) 3:09.59 / 4×400 relay state champ

Cyrus Gray – (RB Texas A&M) 10.76 / 100 meter dash

Derrick Hall – (RB Texas A&M) 24’01 / long jump ; 6’09 / high jump ; 10.51/100 meter dash ; 41.29 / 4×100 relay

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2 Responses to “College Football’s Fastest Players 2009 Edition”

  1. Heismanpundit Says:

    Just came across your site. Excellent. There are a few players here who had track marks I was unaware of. Always hard to keep track of everyone. I will add them to my honorable mention list. Thanks again!

  2. Phan Says:

    That muff wasn’t Wynn’s fault, it was Moats. I guess it’s legal to block a player into the rerunter although that doesn’t seem right.Lewis’ issue (anyone else noticed the graphics at the begining had him listed as the FS and Dawk the SS?) is that he sucks in coverage. I know that. You know that. He knows that. The problem is JJ keeps giving him top coverage responsibilities in their cover 2(?) scheme. Is this because of the new Dawkins as LB scheme JJ put in? I don’t remember Lewis getting exposed this consistantly in the past and can’t imagine he’s getting worse. This needs to get fixed pronto.

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