About the company:

ftapagelogo.jpgInitially a small group of high school football coaches, including Mark Branstad, began studying ways to help increase the strength and improve the speed of their athletes. Over time, Mark’s research focused on the systematic connection between high school track and field performance / multi-sport participation and how it impacted college and NFL player success. This information was cataloged into a large player database that continued to grow. This growth led directly to the formation of the company.

FTA’s primary interest is gathering and analyzing high school track & field statistics and multi-sport data of collegiate and professional football players. FTA has found a strong linkage between collegiate and NFL player success and those who have significant high school track and field backgrounds and high levels of high school multi-sport participation. FTA uses this specific athletic information to identify key skills and indicators which we’ve discovered in thousands of prior college and professional players at all positions.

FTA has developed several proprietary athletic ranking systems specifically gauged for football players using high school track statistics and multi-sport data. These systems are applicable to players of every height, weight and position.

We have two primary databases, one of which contains high school track statistics on approximately 8,500 current and former NFL players. The other database contains high school track & field and multi-sport information on all 13,500 current NCAA D1-FBS players. This database is updated annually with new recruiting classes and roster changes.

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