Mark Branstad
Mark C. Branstad

About the founder:

Mark Branstad is a high school track coach and real estate entrepreneur with a Bachelor of Science degree from Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana. He taught history, government, and sociology at the intermediate and high school level, including seven years at a large high school on the southeast side of Indianapolis. He was assistant high school football coach for wide receivers, tight ends, and defensive backs. For the past ten years Mark was assistant, then head boys’ track and field coach at this high school, where his athletes’ earned several individual state titles at the Indiana state championships. He was nominated for Boys' Track Coach of the Year by the Indiana Association of Track and Cross Country Coaches, in 2007.

While traveling the United States to various track and field competitions, Mark observed numerous individual linkages between performance at meets and football potential / performance at the college and professional levels. In late 2003, he began what developed into a comprehensive and exacting research effort to definitively establish whether this connection was merely anecdotal or more fundamental and statistically valid. The initial focus of this research was to explore the connection between notable current and former NFL players and their high school track participation and performance. The results not only increased Mark’s confidence in the basic connection between track participation / performance and football for nearly all positions, they also fostered the idea of organizing the track statistics and player information into a searchable comprehensive database—ultimately leading to the formation of Football Talent Advisors, Ltd.

Mark is continuing his track coaching career, coaching high school long jumpers, along with his passion for the connection between track and football.

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