Welcome to Football Talent Advisors.

Please look through our site and discover what FTA has to offer. Our company gathers and analyzes high school track & field statistics and multi-sport data of collegiate football players. We use this data to help determine the raw athletic skills, explosiveness and competitive abilities of each player in order to gauge their athletic “footprint” against thousands of prior players at the collegiate and professional level. We have found a significant linkage between collegiate player success and their high school track & field performance pattern and level of multi-sport participation.

Our proprietary athletic ranking systems and information databases, which contain high school track stats and multi-sport data on thousands of current and former NFL players and 13,500 current NCAA D1-FBS players, provide tangible insight on the speed, competitiveness and explosiveness of players today. We are confident our athletic ranking systems and databases can be an asset to any football sabermetrician, analyst, college recruiter, scouting department, coaching staff or football fan.

Feel free to contact us today with comments or questions.

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